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I am a fan of KARA, once a Kamilia, always a Kamilia - Jiyoung & Nicole biased. Harry Potter is my favourite book and movie series, with Emma Watson being my favourite actress. Taylor Swift is the reason why I listen to english song. I am a red, Liverpool FC soccer fanatic.

The new signings numbers

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New Show. New World. New Control
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I choose to be selfish, I want no one but you, I'll never let you go.
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how Nicole get out from her frog costume ㅋㅋㅋ

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240788 Happy birthday Han Seung Yeon

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Until i die, i will sing for you. Even though i’m lost of breath, wait and see, i’ll do it and show you.”
14.07.24 - happy birthday, han seungyeon! ♡

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Happy 26th Birthday to our fake maknae, Han Seungyeon #Happy2eun6yeonDay

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