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I am a fan of KARA, once a Kamilia, always a Kamilia - Jiyoung & Nicole biased. Harry Potter is my favourite book and movie series, with Emma Watson being my favourite actress. Taylor Swift is the reason why I listen to english song. I am a red, Liverpool FC soccer fanatic.
 HaNi story - When 88-line "bullied" Nicole ^^.
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We will never forget you Agger YNWA

Daniel Agger

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28 AUGUST 2014 @ 4:45PM BST

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"That's what makes it cool, the fearlessness" - Luam, Artist Development.

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Cole taking up the ALS ice bucket challenge…

p/s: Gosh, i really miss Cole on variety shows. 

Corii, hurry up with your solo debut.We can’t wait to see you in action and grace all the variety shows with your charm and quirkiness  :D

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I don't feel like calming down
No I don't
I don't feel like hiding out
So I won't
I can't turn this volume down (P!nk - Chaos and Piss)
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